2011 Energy Fest including the Energy Fair

The Annual Energy Fest https://www.naga.com.ph/mobile-app and related activities will take place between Thursday November 10th and Sunday November 13th, based mainly from the Waterfront hall (by the Whale Tail) on the Bypass over the weekend.



There will be a repetition of last year’s highly successful and enjoyable fund raising gig at Shanley’s on the night of Friday 11th.  For details see here


On Saturday 12th from 2-6pm the Energy Fair will take place in the same venue as last year: the Waterfront hall right by the Whale tail on the bypass. We will have a large variety of local suppliers of sustainable products and services to make your homes more comfortable during the cold winter weather to come. In addition there will be a vast body of knowledge and skill for you to consult with as well as some give aways and special offers https://naga.com.ph/mobile-app.



There will be competitions for the school age kids for the most imaginative bird feeder:

or article of clothing made from recycled goods,

as well as for the best safely ride-able bike, decorated with recycled materials,


all to be judged on Saturday 12th at 3pm at the Energy Fair, with cash prizes.

For creative recycling inspiration see:








On Sunday 13th November we will be having a marshalled bike ride to Inchydoney and back.  You can dress up in tweeds for the fun of it, ride your decorated bike from the previous day’s competition if you are accompanied by an adult, or just come as you are.  Details here


We also hope to arrange some site visits of special interest to business people looking for inspiration into energy saving on a large scale by learning though others experience.  Please contact me if you would like to show off your own business energy saving scheme to visitors naga.com.ph/mobile-app.

Volunteers are required please to help us out with numerous activities from the Energy Fair to marshalling the bike ride.  If you can spare us a few hours we’d be very grateful.  Please let me know by reply email.