Clonakilty Jungle City Summer 2012 views/ideas wanted

A very positive meeting last night was held on the Jungle City project , where the placing of 24 life size sculptures of jungle animals around Clonakilty for a period of at least five years, was discussed.  The sculpture exhibition will be free to view and the purchase of the sculptures by Sustainable Clonakilty will result in funds going to Elephant Family to complete Asian wildlife corridors that were begun with Clonakilty’s sponsorship in 2008.   This attraction will result in bringing tourists, and families in particular, to the town to boost visitor numbers as well as helping people see the link between the loss of animal habitat, and local actions they can take themselves to protect it (no donations necessary).

Read more about the project in the link below.  Given that many people could not attend the meeting due to other commitments, Mary Powys Dillon and Derek Dillon, the project managers would like to hear as many questions, comments and ideas about the project as possible, whether favourable or not, as it is very important that everyone has a voice in this matter that affects our community. You can put your feedback or questions up on the Sustainable Clonakilty Facebook, or the I love Clonakilty Facebook  sites or send them to me at if you wish them to be submitted anonymously along with others.  Mary and Derek will respond to all ideas and concerns and you can also email them directly at
The deadline for this feedback is next Monday 23rd April.
Kind regards
Alison Wickham
Town heeds the call of the jungle | Irish Examiner
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