Activities in the past

How we got to where we are today


4 October Jennifer Sleeman shows the film ‘End of Suburbia’

6 December First Meeting of formal group – brain stormed in small groups for local, practical sustainable ideas



January No meeting

7 February Meeting – Swedish ‘Natural Step Philosophy’ introduced and accepted as guideline to work from.

6 March JS & AW spoke to Clon. Town council about the group and its mission and sought their cooperation.

7 March Meeting – Feedback on what members want from the group. Name changed to Sustainable Clonakilty

13 March AW spoke about Sustainable Clonakilty to Tidy Towns AGM

14 March How to Grow Your Own Vegetables – Talk by Jean Perry of Glebe Gardens

4 April Meeting – Talk on the Natural Step Process

12 April First Committee Meeting

18 April How to make worm compost & choose garden plants – Peter Fitzgerald and Adrian Marshall (Clonakilty Garden Centre)

30 April AW spoke about SC to a new group forming in Bandon

2 May Meeting – renewable solar & geothermal heating – talks by Ulltech & Solterra

10 May AW spoke about SC to group at Clon. Community college

10 May Committee Meeting

5 June Walkway & Cycleway to Inchydoney subcom. meeting with Jim Daly, Cork County Councillor

6 June Meeting – Visit to The Hollies Sustainable community

15 June Walkway/Cycleway subcommittee meeting

18 June Walkway sub-com. presentation to Western Div. Cork County Council

21 June Committee meeting

3 July Walkway/Cycleway sub-com. presentation to Clonakilty Town Council

4 July Meeting – Subcommittee reports and feedback from members on content of meetings

7 July Live Earth Event O’Donovan’s Hotel organised by M van Dam

9 July AW & JS to UCC for input into National Sustainable Development Plan

12 July Committee Meeting

27 July AW & MO’L attend Leave no Trace Workshop at Rosscarbery

1 August Meeting – Generated SC ideas for inclusion into National Sustainable Development Plan

13 August Report sent in on ideas generated on 1/8/07

25 August JS & AW represented SC at Sustain West Cork Festival, Bantry

5 September Meeting – Field trip to Pairc a Tobair

13 September Committee meeting

18 September JS, AW, BW & MC represented SC at Sustain West Cork Meeting, Bantry

Sept-Oct Website mounted by Denis Croombs:

3 October JS & AW to Skibbereen to see Island Strand Intake Plans

3 October Meeting – Soapbox speakers event & Submission on Island Strand

4 October AW to Skibb. to deliver Island Strand Submission

10 October JS & AW met with Island Strand developer at his request

11 October Committee meeting

16 October AW & CO’S represent group at meeting of West Cork Community partnership.

24 October First and only meeting of sub-committee looking at Clonakilty Draft Development Plan 2009-2013

30 October Submission for Clonakilty Draft Development Plan 2009-2013 completed. Submitted on 5/11/07

7 November Meeting – Environmental campaigner Fr Sean McDonagh on environmental challenges

5 December Meeting – Bob Hilliard, local developer on his projects & Sustainable Development

7 December – Jennifer Sleeman awarded Cork Environmental Forum Outstanding Individual 2007

8 December – Clonakilty Sound the Alarm for Climate Change

19 December – Meeting of Walkway sub-committee with consultant engineers for Clonakilty Traffic study


10 January Committee meeting

16 January AGM & election of officers

31 January Committee meeting

12 January John Gormley , Minister for Environment, Heritage & Local Government officially launches our website

6 February Meeting – Trevor Buttimer speaks on making Clonakilty a Sustainable town though renewable energy

20 February – first meeting of Renewable Energy Project Group

28 February Committee meeting

5 March Meeting – Creative Vegetable Gardening with Joy Larkcom

11 March Renewable Energy Group Meeting

17 St Patrick’s Day parade – Sust. Clon wins best in parade prize

18 March Renewable Energy Group Meeting

27 March Committee Meeting

1 April Renewable Energy Committee Meeting

9 April – Tunnel Vision- vegetable gardening with Marian Crudge

24 April Committee meeting

6 May T Buttimer and invited guests to presentation on Gussing, Austria energy model

7 May Sust. Clon meeting at O’Donovan’s Hotel

29 May Committee meeting

7 June Inaugural Clonakilty Sustainable Homes Fair

26 June Committee meeting

30 June AW & JS to talk in Bandon by Klaus Harvey on Transition Towns

2 July Sustainable Clonakilty Mtg – Garden visit to 5 Ard Charraig

3 July Sustainable Energy Working Group Meeting (new name of Renewable energy group)

8 July Submission made for Local Agenda 21 funding for energy info booklet for town

17 July Sustainable Energy Working Group Meeting

5 August Clonakilty Town Council approved funds Energy Working group for study trip to Gussing, Austria

21 August Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

2 September 4pm Sustainable Energy Steering Group meeting

3 September Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

9 September AW met with B Houlihan, Advisor to Energy Group

10 September Sustainable Clonakilty trip to INFF woods at Manch – cancelled due to weather

11 September Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

25 September Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

2 October Sustainable Clon Committee meeting

8 October Film “A Convenient Truth’ on Curitiba, Brazil

9 October Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

29 October Meeting for participants in Gussing trip

30 October Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

3-5 November Delegation to Gussing Austria

Gussing Delegation

4 November SUSTCLON LTD registered as a company limited by guarantee

10 November Gussing debrief meeting Sustainable Energy Working Group

13 Nov Sustainable Clonakilty Public Meeting on Gussing Trip and next steps

24 Nov First meeting of Sustclon Ltd Board of Directors

26 Nov Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

27 Nov Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

2 December Report on Gussing Trip completed and delivered to Town Clerk

4 December, talk from Joe Jolley of Renewable Energy Information Office

11 December, Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting


7   Jan Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

8   Jan Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

15 Jan Sustainable Clonakilty AGM

15 Jan Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

20 Jan Sustclon Director’s Meeting

21 Jan Local Food Group meeting

22 Jan Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

28 Jan Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

29 Jan Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

2 Feb Local Food Group meeting

4   Feb Talk from Prof. Peadar Kirby on ‘The Politics of Environmental Change: Challenges, Opportunities & Prospects’

4   Feb Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

12 Feb Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

19 Feb Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

23 Feb Local Food Group meeting

25 Feb PM, MH & DC presentation to EDEN Conference Inchydoney Hotel

26 Feb Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

2 Mar Local Food Group meeting

5 Mar  Sustainable Clonakilty Group meeting: Madeline McKeever on ‘Five dimensions of food production’

5 March Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

17 Mar Local Food Group vegetables in St Pat’s day parade

17 Mar Sustainable Clonakilty won 1st prize in Clonakilty St Pat’s Day parade

18 Mar  Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

23 Mar Local Food Group meeting

25 Mar  Sustainable Energy Working Group brainstorm meeting

26 Mar  Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

28 Mar  Public meeting hosted by Local food Group about Community Gardens

1 April Energy Working Group meeting

2 April Meeting with Clonergy 2020 Project Interviewers

2 April Sustainable Clonakilty Group meeting: Selvi Iyilikci from The Hollies on ‘Organic Gardening’

8 April Sustclon Ltd Director’s Meeting

8 April Energy Working Group Brainstorming ‘Future Directions’

14 April Local Food Group meeting

22 April Energy Working Group Meeting

27 April Sustclon Ltd Director’s Meeting

30 April Sustclon Ltd Director’s Meeting

30 April Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

6 May Energy Working Group Meeting

7 May Sustainable Clonakilty Group meeting: Oisin Coughlan- Director Friends of the Earth Ireland

21 May Sustainable Clonakilty Committee meeting

25 May Local Food Group Meeting

29 May Public meeting:Meet the Town Council Candidates Question Time

30 May JS & SP to CIT, Cork, for Sustainable/Transition Towns Meeting

29 June Local Food Group meeting

3 June  Energy Working Group meeting

15 June Food Group Meeting

18 June Sustclon Ltd achieves Charitable Status

25 June Events & Promotion Group Meeting

1 July  Energy Working Group Meeting

4 July Sustainable Homes Fair including Local Food Group display

13 July Local Food Group Meeting

5 August Sustclon Ltd Director’s Meeting

2 September Energy Working Group Meeting

3 September Events & Promotion Group Meeting

7 September Local Food Group meeting

8 September Brochure/street map funded by Agenda 21 about the Clonergy 2020 project distributed to households

17 Sept. Local Food Group Meeting

1 October Events & Promotion Group Meeting

5 October Local Food Group Meeting

6 October Energy Working Group meeting

8th October Public Meeting ‘DVD the Story of Stuff” and discussion

15 October AW, PM & RL represented group at a local business forum meeting

17 October Local Food Group Community Gardens Awards

22 October Energy Working Group meeting

29 October Events & Promotion Group meeting

30 October Application submitted to Arthur Guinness Fund

4 Nov Sustclon Ltd Director’s meeting

5 November Local Food group meeting

5 November Public Meeting: Anaerobic Digestion by T. Healy and Community Supported Agriculture with J. Dolan

12 November Energy Working Group meeting

16 Nov 1st GUY meeting – supported by Local Food Group

26 November Energy Working Group Planning meeting

26 Nov Local Food Group Meeting

30 November participation in WCDP organised Scenario Planning workshop: AW PM RL KL and XD

30 November Local Food Group meeting

3 December Events & Promotion Group meeting

10 December Energy Working Group meeting

12 December Street Collection and display in Clonakilty town centre

12 December Avaaz Vigil for Climate Change in town centre

Group members at Clonakilty Vigil for climate change 2009

20 December Public meeting – walk around Clonakilty Bay observing bird life


7  Jan Sustainable Energy Working Group meeting

23 Jan Group Visit to a Greenhus Passive House

28 Jan AGM

4 February Energy Working Group meeting

11 Feb Public Meeting Dr Colin Campbell on Peak Oil

12 Feb Sustclon Ltd Board meeting

11 March Energy Working Group meeting

7 April Energy Working Group meeting

15 April Public Meeting Transition Towns Film

5 May Energy Working Group Meeting

20 May Public meeting: Heating, Lighting, Sea Lettuce briquettes

8 June Energy Working Group Meeting

16 June Public Meeting: Pairc a Tobair Walk

24 June Energy Week Meeting

22 July Energy Week Meeting

9 August Sustclon Ltd Board Meeting

12 August Public Meeting: Table Quiz

13 September: National Winner Tidy Towns Sustainable Development Award

16 September Energy Week Meeting

21 September Sustclon AGM (new date from now on)

28 September Meeting with Tidy Towns

30 September Meeting Energy Week

6 October Energy Week Meeting

7 October Sustclon Board Meeting

18-24th October daily and evening events for Energy Week

22nd October Sustainable Clonakilty Energy Conference at Darrara

3 November Meeting re WCDP Flagship Community Project

8 November Transport Group Meeting

17 November Energy week review meeting

20 November Transport Group Meeting

25 November Public meeting on sustainable fisheries


20 January Sustclon Ltd Board meeting

24 January Transport Group Meeting

28 January Events & Promotion Group meeting

1 February Transport Group Meeting

1 February Events & Promotion Group meeting

8 February Events & Promotion Group meeting

17 February Events & Promotion Group meeting

23 February Public Meeting: DIY Renewable Energy Systems

3 March Public Meeting: Heating with Wood

10 March Public Meeting: Renewable Energy Roadmap Report Presentation

22 March Events & Promotion Group meeting

22 March Transport Group Meeting

29 March Events & Promotion Group meeting

7 April Public Meeting: Comfort & Cash via Energy Efficiency

12 April Transport Group Meeting

14 April Sustclon Board Meeting

15 April Meeting with Cork County Coucil re SEAI SEC application

18 April AW, C O’S, PM travel to Dundalk

19 April SEAI workshop for SEC status at Dundalk


18 July Sustclon Ltd Board meeting

22 July Submitted funding application to Airtricity

27 July Launch of GAA 10k Intitiative

August – updating website

5  September Launch of new logo and website

14 September Transport Group Meeting

21 September AGM Sustclon Ltd

22 September Carpool Public Meeting

10 October Future West Cork Meeting WCDP

17 October F McC to SEAI Dublin

3 November Sustclon Strategic Planning meeting

12 November Energy Fair at Waterfront

13 November Family Bike Ride

18 November Visit to Carbery Cheese Factory

1 November Susclon Board meeting with Chamber of Commerce

8 November Celebration of Cittaslow Status at Slow Food dinner

6 December Sustainable Christmas Meeting

15 December Energy Meeting