Cook Local – Recipes for local seasonal foods, West Cork, Ireland

The following recipes for making the most of local foods when in season, have been generoously contributed by local chefs and keen cooks.

If you would like to contribute a recipe, and we’d love you to, or comment on any recipe here, please email us at: with ‘Cook Local’ in the subject line.  Recipes should contain main ingredients that are grown locally, where possible.

The recipe does not have to be an original (apparently copyright does not apply to individual recipes).

These are the criteria that apply:

·       It should be something that is either your favourite recipe, or one you cook yourself.

·       The main ingredients should be produced locally, or at least in Ireland.  Sugar, spices, seasonings and other minor foreign sourced ingredients are OK to include.

·       You can choose any type of meal; soup, salad, meat, vegetable, dessert, baking, as long as it is made from scratch e.g. does not include any major pre-prepared elements like a can of soup, for example.

·       One that contains common store cupboard essentials will be preferred over one that you have to buy a long list of special ingredients for.

·       Simple, tasty recipes with a short list of ingredients that are easy for novice cooks to make will be especially welcome.


This website has been supported by Cork County Council Local Agenda 21 Funding in 2011 in order to promote the Sustainable Clonakilty ‘Cook Local’ initiative.

Photography, unless otherwise credited, Alison Wickham.

Turkey Waldorf Salad


Recipe Categories:

Starters – breads, soups, salads etc.

Vegetables – mains and side dishes

Meat - beef, lamb, chicken, pork


Desserts & baking

Jams, jellies and miscellaneous


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