Grow it Yourself (GIY)

GIY Ireland is a registered charity (CHY 18920) which aims to inspire people to grow their own food and give them the skills they need to do so successfully.

They do this by getting GIYers together online and in community groups around Ireland so that they can learn from each other and exchange tips, ideas and produce. GIY meetings and membership are free and open to people interested in food growing at all levels, i.e. from growing a few herbs on the balcony to complete self-sufficiency, from beginners to old hands.

Meetings are held every second Monday of the month at 8pm in O’Donovan’s Hotel, Pearse St, Clonakilty. Contact: Kerrie Liao, 023 885 3894 or 087 763 1889 or email to find out the date of the next meeting. To visit GIY Clonakilty’s group page, click here.