Useful Energy & Other Links

Nearly everything you need to know about Clonakilty:

The Cork County Council Website for everything you need to know about County Cork:

Energy Saving web sites

Environmental information and/or tips on energy saving ideas:

These are the ESB interactive sites that are fun to use with lots of good ideas for saving energy.

Sustainable Energy Ireland’s site contains a wealth of information on making your home more energy efficient.

General Environmental/Sustainability Websites

The Environmental Protection Agency’s werbsite contains Green Tips and Catulator – fun ways for kids to become more aware.

Information on the Green Schools and Green Homes programmes.

The web site of Ireland’s largest independent environmental charity. The extensive website tells you about the environment and planning in Ireland, and explains national activities. It contains fascinating pictorial information about individual areas and tells you how you can help.

Cork Environment Forum whose mission is to foster promote and implement sustianable development within the Cork region. Feasta aims to identify the characteristics (economic, cultural and environmental) of a truly sustainable society, articulate how the necessary transition can be effected and promote the implementation of the measures required for this purpose.

Excellent commentary on the latest advances in low carbon goods and services, independent analysis of products, and the most recent data on how our lives generate emissions. From the book ‘How to Live a Low Carbon life by Chris Goodall, former director of ‘Which? Ltd’

Irish Carbon Credit Trading


For lots of useful green cleaning and energy tips from American friends click here.  Thanks to Sarah and her classes!


Hints & Tips from members

Looking for a green way to unclog my sink I came across this site: 

It has some commercial products but is great on natural or
traditional household recipes for cleaning and unblocking stuff. You
 can search and find an answer to your specific cleaning area ie
”drains” or “oven”. Anne Boland

The Complete Green Home Guide

Some EU short videos

EU “You control climate change” short video:

Click here

EU Computer power saving video

Click here