Visit to Güssing, Austria, November 2008



Members of the Delegation

An invitation was issued by the Working Group to Town and County Council representatives and officials, energy and funding agencies, as well as local business people whose projects have an impact on the town, to accompany the delegation.  Despite a great deal of interest shown by a number of people, ultimately many were unable to come due to personal or work commitments.

However we are most grateful to the following who made space in their busy lives to go with us:

Town Council:

Mayor Micheal O’Regan

Cllr Cionnaith O’Suilleabhain

Cllr Robert Walsh

Town Clerk Justin England


Sustainable Clonakilty funded by the Town Council:

Robert Lambert

Peter Madden

Alison Wickham, Secretary Sustainable Clonakilty


Independently funded:

Trevor Buttimer, Renewable Energy Management Services Ltd.

Bob Hilliard, Hillback Developments


Itinerary Güssing Fact Finding Mission

Monday 3rd November

Travel to Güssing, leaving Clon. at 9am and arriving at 1am local time due to fog delay.

Tuesday, 4th of November 2008

8.00am Buffet breakfast at Com Inn, Hotel

Walk to ECRE Centre

ECRE Program:

09:00 am:  Presentation on the ‘Model of Güssing’

10:00 am: Visit to Biomass Plant Güssing, District heating Plant Güssing and Biogas Plant Strem

12:00 noon:  Lunch at the restaurant ‘Cafe Innovation’

01:30 pm:  Discussion with Ing. Reinhard Koch

03.00 pm: Visit to ECRE training centre

04:30 pm: Visit to Güssing town centre

7.00 pm:  Debriefing discussion of day’s events

8.00 pm: Dinner

Wednesday November 5, 2008

9.00 am Buffet breakfast at Com Inn Hotel, pack and onto bus

10.30 am Leave Güssing for Vienna

1.00 pm Arrive Vienna for check in and lunch

Depart Vienna on BA701 at 1505 hrs arrive London Heathrow 1630

Depart London Heathrow on BA5723 at 1805hrs arrive Cork 1920

Bus to Clon. arriving at  2100 hrs approx.

Thursday November 13, 2008

Public Meeting at the Quality Hotel, Clonakilty to more than 85 people where a MS Power Point presentation described what was seen and learned in Güssing, as well as alerting local people to the need to keep their energy bills in order to be able to assist in the energy audit.


To view or download the full visit Report please see box below.



Background Reading

Article on Güssing, Austria by Richard Douthwaite

Article on Güssing, Austria from International Herald Tribune:

A town of 4,000 people who went from depressed area to economic success through renewable energy sustainabiltiy in a space of 15 years.

Article on Güssing, Austria from European Centre for Renewable Energy and click on: 

Die Modellregion Güssing – Englisch which you will see at the bottom centre of the page

(you will need to have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer)

It is a five page document laying out exactly what Gussing has achieved and the technologies they are using.

Gussing street scene at dusk

Final Gussing Report Issue 1
Final Gussing Report Issue 1
Final Gussing Report Issue 1.pdf
15.6 MiB